Didn’t know I’d lost: A jacket

Description: A nice warm jacket

Where: A local cafe.

I walked in to this cafe for coffee and the owner was like ‘Oh! you left your jacket here.’ I didn’t even know I missed it.


Wireless headphones

Description: A pair of Jaybird Blue Bud X wireless in ear headphones.

Where: Last used walking up Mt Vic to watch the fireworks. Was listening to them on the way down, then I went to the supermarket, where I discovered that I’d lost my credit card. 

Found: Not yet. I hope they turn up soon! I love these things. 

Found. I turned the bluetooth on my phone and they connected, so I knew they were in the house. I then turned music on and listened for the very faint sound until I found them. They were in my pants’ back pocket.

Credit card

Description: A credit card.

How: I’d misplaced my wallet, and had to leave quickly to see the fireworks, so I took my credit card (which I store separately so I don’t use it while I’m out). Use the credit card to buy some juice and… it must have fallen out of my wallet. Very annoying.

A necklace.

Description: A plain bead necklace.

A friend left their necklace at my place as was meant to come by to pick it up tonight. I might have been going to ceroc tonight, so I put it in my bag so I could meet them in town.

I didn’t end up going to ceroc, and when they dropped by… I couldn’t find it. Maybe it’s at work?